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End of tenancy oven cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

Hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning company is the easiest way to get the cleaning done when moving out of a property. If, however, you’ve decided to save yourself a few pounds and complete the cleaning on your own, then you might be facing a few challenges.

End of Tenancy Oven Cleaning

Usually one of the most time-consuming tasks, that also require quite an effort, is end of tenancy oven cleaning. When used often and cleaned rarely ovens tend to accumulate plenty of grease and burns, which with time seem impossible to completely remove. Scraping and scrubbing can definitely damage your oven and harsh oven cleaning chemicals are way too dangerous to your health. Well, there is always and alternative way!

End of tenancy oven cleaning – the green way

We have a very easy and effective method to get your oven cleaned and ready for your end of tenancy check-out inspection or any occasion. Using completely safe natural products you can make it shine like new again without having to scrape and scrub for hours or inhale dangerous chemical fumes. Investing just a bit of time and effort, you can enjoy amazing results that are definitely well worth your while.

Most probably everything required for this project you will already have in your kitchen cupboards. If not, you can always buy some baking soda, vinegar and a pair of sturdy rubber gloves from the nearest shop. Yes, that’s all you need! Well, for the racks and if your oven is in a really bad shape, you might want to get a scour sponge, just in case any of the burns are a bit tougher to remove.

What you will need to clean your oven

  1. Baking soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Bowl
  5. Spray bottle
  6. Cleaning or dish cloth
  7. Scour sponge
  8. Plastic or wooden spatula
  9. Toothbrush
  10. Kitchen paper

The cleaning process step by step

1. Mix the paste: In the bowl, mix a small cup of baking soda with a few spoons of water until you get a spreadable paste. Make sure the consistency is not too runny as you will need it after spreading to stay on all inner surfaces of your oven and not fall or slide down.
2. Coat the oven with paste: Put your gloves on and spread the paste all over the interior surfaces of the oven, making sure you steer clear of any of the heating elements. You can use a spatula if you’d like, but it’s harder to reach every corner, nook and cranny. Make sure you spread it properly and cover all sufaces, especially the dirtiest and greasiest areas. Do not forget the oven door and the racks!
3. Let the soda do its job: Leave the paste rest overnight or at least 10-12 hours. The soda will break the grease and soften all tough burns, making them a lot easier to remove.
4. Wipe everything away: After the soda paste does its magic for about 10-12 hours, it’s time to take a cleaning or dish cloth, dampen it and wipe off the dried baking soda paste. For any tough burns or hard-to-reach spots use the spatula as needed.
5. Clean the racks: Do the same with the racks. Wipe the dried soda paste with the damp cloth and if there are any remaining tough spots, spray them with some vinegar and use the scour sponge to remove them.
6. Spray the oven with vinegar: Using the spray bottle spray the oven interior with vinegar. Once again be careful and do not spray any of the heating elements. If there are any baking soda residues remaining, there will be a mild foaming reaction with the vinegar, so don’t panic.
7. Wipe down the oven: Once again, using a damp cloth thoroughly wipe everything away. If there are any remaining residues re-spray with vinegar and repeat the wipe-down until the oven is proper clean and shiny. Use the scour sponge for any tough spots, but try to be gentle and not scratch any surfaces. For all hard to reach nooks and crannies on the oven door you might find the toothbrush quite handy.
8. Replace the oven racks: Put the racks back in the oven and you are done!

NOTE: If your oven is really dirty and neglected, you might have to repeat the whole process in order to get it properly cleaned.

End of Tenancy Oven Cleaning by Pro Cleaning London

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