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Pre-winter Cleaning is as Important as Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning and Winter Cleaning

Most people are used to seeing the spring as the perfect time to do a thorough spring cleaning of their home. Preparation for the winter season, however, also requires serious attention. Cleaning your house at this time of the year is important for two main reasons.

The first is health-related – when the temperatures drop, windows get opened less, ventilation is reduced and so is the flow of fresh air in the house. So you need to remove all dust, dirt and soils accumulated in your home.

The second reason for a deep thorough cleaning is the Christmas and New Year holidays. They suggest a large number of people who might visit you and see how neat, clean and tidy your place is.

Here is a list of things that often get overlooked during the pre-winter deep cleaning:
Pre-Winter Cleaning
1. Clear out your wardrobe. Even if you think you do not have a lot of clothes, it’s probably true. Review them carefully and take the ones that you have not worn for at least year and the ones you think will never wear again. Do not forget to repeat the same with your children’s wardrobe. Instead of disposing all the collected clothes, donate them. The same goes for the shoes if they are sufficiently preserved to be worn, of course.
2. Devote a few hours, or a whole day if you will, on putting away stuff you do not need and just take up space. Surely it will be hard to decide for some of them, but the decision is an important step in the winter cleaning. Just try to guess what you will use in the coming year and what you will probably never use and get rid of it. Do this in every room in your home, making sure you don’t forget the bathroom.
3. Clean your upholstery thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Many people overlook this part too often, especially those without pets. A lot of dust, soils and particles have accumulated in the furniture fibres from the outside during the warmer months of the year and that’s why a thorough vacuum is highly recommended. This applies in no small degree to the mattresses on the beds. If you have curtains, remove and wash or dry clean them. Vacuum mattresses on both sides.Spring and Winter Cleaning
4. Winter is a great time to clean thoroughly your computer and sound system. Surely the keyboard has trapped a lot of dirt so pay special attention to it. The same goes for the speakers. Vacuum them very carefully as they are a magnet for dust and fibre cover can easily be damaged. Then vacuum clean all vents removing all accumulated dust.
5. Using a damp cloth or duster remove the dust from the leaves of all indoor plants.
Pre-winter cleaning is very important for preserving the fresh environment at home. Of course, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself you can always call a local cleaning company.
As the saying goes – “My home is my castle”, so let’s keep the castle clean and tidy!