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Ten Useful Tips for Domestic Cleaning

Ever asked yourself what can make your domestic cleaning chores easier and less time consuming? Here are some interesting tips on domestic cleaning that you might find interesting and useful:

Domestic Cleaning Tips

1. Most people would love to spend least possible time on regular domestic cleaning chores. This can happen if you put all your cleaning tasks in order and create yourself a cleaning check-list that you can follow.
2. Set a number of rules for you and your family to follow. For example, put dirty clothing in the laundry basket/s instead of leaving them laying around.
3. Instead of separating the laundry every time you put it in the washing machine, get an additional laundry basket. That way your family will separate the laundry by white and coloured fabrics themselves before putting it in the laundry basket. Very few people actually realize how comfortable and time-saving this is.
4. If it has been a while since your last general cleaning, the thought of cleaning makes it even harder for you to get on with it. So start cleaning without thinking how hard and unpleasant it is. The more often you do a regular domestic cleaning, the easier the task will be every time, the sooner it will become as a routine for you and the cleaner and healthier your home will be.
5. Once you find out that most cleaning tasks require not more than a few minutes, it will become easier for you to execute them. Try and time how long it takes you to complete each task. This will help you plan your cleaning in the future.

6. If possible, try and avoid doing the same job twice. Plan your work flow and always try to start from the dirtiest and most contaminated areas. In the kitchen, start from the oven, hob and extractor, and in the bathroom – from the toilet seat, bath tub or shower and sink. In both cases you need to work your way down finishing with the floor.
7. Try and build the habit in yourself and your family of taking your shoes off when entering your home. You might consider wearing slippers when walking indoors, which a lot of people find quite comfy and hygienic as well. Walking with shoes indoors increases the contamination level of your home with 80%, as a lot of dirt and soils are brought in that way.
8. When cleaning the rooms try working your way down. First wipe and polish all surfaces and finish with vacuuming or mopping the floor. This way you will not have to re-clean the floor in case any dust, dirt or other particles fall down while cleaning everything else.
9. Clean all windows inside-out more regularly. Clean windows let more sunlight indoors, increase the general cleanliness of the house and also are better looking. Dirty windows are harder to clean and get greasy and grimy with time, which makes them quite unpleasant.
10. You can significantly increase the level of cleanliness of your home by regularly vacuum cleaning all carpeted areas. Carpets accumulate large amounts of dust, dust mites, dirt and soils. Dust mites on the other hand produce a lot of allergens that can cause allergic reactions in people with severe allergies.