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Tips For Cleaning Odours At Home

How to Fight Bad Odours at Home

Constant unpleasant odour in the house is a sure sign of problems that can even lead to consequences endangering the health and well-being of your family. Here are several tips for cleaning odours at home, which you might find useful:
Tips For Odours at Home
1. If you sense something unusual you need to act immediately. Make sure you check all rooms and find the source of the awkward smell.
2. If very often it smells like burnt cable, check your electrical appliances and extensions. Any damage to the electrical system may cause fire. The exhausts from the burning cables are saturated with highly poisonous halogens and carbon dioxide. If you can’t find any fault and the smell has still not gone, you should call an electrician to check the wiring in the property.
3. Cigarette smoke is another common problem. It absorbs into anything and is extremely difficult to get rid of. On fabrics, you can use ordinary baking soda. Apply with a brush on the affected area, give at least 10-12 hours for the magic to happen and then vacuum. The odours absorbed in the walls can be neutralized by washing them with white vinegar and water solution. Carpets can be deodorized by washing them with some carpet cleaning shampoo and the curtains by washing them with some water and lemon juice solution.
4. Any wooden furniture, if kept in poorly ventilated rooms, moisturises and acquires mouldy odour. Disassemble all removable parts and leave in the sun to dry. To remove any mould accumulated use solution of water and bleach. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Rub some easy-to-make baking soda and water paste and polish with a soft cloth dampened with lemon oil.
5. To get rid of any fish smell on the kitchen counter, use baking soda and water paste. When frying fish you can put a cup of vinegar next to the stove to absorb the smell.
6. If there is any unpleasant odour coming from your bathroom and/or kitchen sinks, purge the drains with some bleach. Every once in a while put a packet of baking soda, some vinegar and then pour boiling water. That way you will never have the same problem again.
7. To reduce the odours from your cat’s toilet, mix it with some baking soda. It is not harmful to your pet friend and will partially absorb the smell of urine. If the pet animal wets the couch or carpet, soak the spot with paper and treat it with water and white vinegar solution. When the stain dries use a brush to apply some baking soda. Leave overnight and then vacuum. If the stain persists you should call for professional help.
8. To remove the smell of garlic from your chopping board again use baking soda and water paste. Apply, leave for 20-30 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You can also refresh the air in your kitchen if you boil some lemon juice in water.
9. Bins are also one of the main sources of odours, so cleaning them regularly using borax or baking soda is always a good idea. Once you have cleaned the container, rinse it with a solution of vinegar and hot water for complete disinfection.